Leon Flagg and Curtis Lamon share a belief that one doesn’t own a collectible car, so much as serve as its temporary custodian. The car belongs to History. They also believe that certain cars are works of art—the result of thoughtful design and craftsmanship, in addition to being exemplary feats of engineering. Simply put, they are expressions of their creator’s passion and of the soul.

Leon and Curt have been involved in the preservation, restoration, showing and touring of a number of rare, beautiful vehicles, as well as the maintenance and enjoyment of several less rare, but altogether enjoyable, four-wheeled pets.

Speaking of pets, Leon and Curt may often be found at the end of a leash attached to an Irish Setter. As it’s debatable who’s actually holding the leash, Leon and Curt might be the pets in this case.

Other Ventures & Activities

Great Finds & Design | Pewaukee, WI | Art Antiques Furniture The two enthusiasts have employed their backgrounds in the arts and retail in their own successful home furnishings and design store, Great Finds & Design located in Pewaukee, WI which features a mix of hand-selected antiques, contemporary furnishings, art (many of which are one-of-a-kind) and home design services.

Their home, overlooking Lake Michigan, has garnered national attention and has even been featured in M Magazine.